since 1966?



At 1.1.1966 in Austria the actually Zip-code came into effect. 4780 short, meaningful and easy to remember.

The perfect name for my dream: To run an own bar in my hometown.

Now I have realized this dream and I am looking forward to be your host!

4780 (Schärding) stands for enjoyment. 4780 (Schärding) stands for soziability. 4780 (Schärding) stands for enjoyment of Life.

4780 (Schärding) stands for quality.

And that is exactly what I want to convey you here in my bar.

I wish you an pleasant, funny and delicious evening at 4780 (Schärding).




Here you find us:

Unterer Stadtplatz 7

A-4780 Schärding



We. - Su. odend at 20:00h

Mo. + Tu. Closed




Tel.: +43 (0) 650 83 13 800


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